Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Marvels of iPod Video

The Marvels of iPod Video

You might see people walking around, whipping out their big ipods. These ipods might look like the other ipods that we often see, but they are otherwise. They are one of Apple’s latest releases. You are now given a notion that ipod does not just play music and MP3, but also plays videos. Like aforementioned, it might look like a common ipod, but it actually costs more, and has a different name, of course. It is the video ipod.

The video ipod does not have much thickness, unlike the other ipods that you probably have seen. They are also not of the same size with those other ipods that display photos. You might find this fact a disadvantage, but surely, you will find the next feature to be highly advantageous.

Video ipods do not just play videos, but these play videos with extreme clarity. Plus, it has no delays. The numbers of pixels that are present on the images a video ipod produces are fluctuating; therefore, it is very hard to determine its exact number.

But whichever, the videos a video ipod play go very easy on your eyes. They do not give you bloodshot eyes nor do they give you visions of floating dots wherever you look.

It is not difficult to play videos via your video ipod. It is definitely a no-brainer. With just one click, videos stream through your video ipod, and are played for you pronto. You do not have to allot time lengths to the videos that you want to save on your ipod for video ipods do not require time limits, upon watching videos.

As long as your memory works so you can put to memory what you’re watching, then you can watch any video you like, without exception. By without exception, just think television. You can watch about anything on your television sets, from music videos to films. It is like you own Mtv, for you have the power to choose which videos to play and which are deleted from the track list.

If you want to have low-caliber dreams, then you can at least feel the feeling of having your own mini-Mtv on the palm of your hands. You can also play your own home videos, the way your video player at home does. Only, it is a video player that fits quite snugly in your pocket. These are few, but not the only ones, reasons why the video ipod is simply amazing.

Everything is known to be imperfect, so there is no reason why Apple should break the superstition. The video ipod, though seems to be perfect, is imperfect after all. Its weight is not as convenient as those of ipod minis or nanos, or the more with the ipod shuffle, which weigh almost nothing.

Video ipods weigh more since they are much bigger in size. And probably, the materials used for this innovation, weigh a lot too. But this flaw is nothing compared to the joy (and the smug feeling) of showing your friends and officemates your new video ipod, and the videos it contains.

MP3’s can still be played on your video ipods. You might have a quick notion that since the video ipod plays videos big time, then it must have neglected the MP3’s. That is very much not the case.

The video ipod, however, does not have that much of a difference from the other ipods that have been invented and commercialized. The only difference is its big colored screen, which makes it a lot easier for you to view your most wanted videos; and its capability to play videos.

The Click Wheel is also smaller with video ipods, compared to the Click Wheels of the other ipods. This gave way to an even larger screen to support the resolution color display that extends further down the face of the device.

Apple has updated their itunes website, especially the downloading service, because of the release of the video ipod. The staff and crew of Apple put in more music videos and other ordinary videos on the selection of downloadable videos.

So, if you’re looking for a more visually stimulating experience, the video ipod is the thing for you. Apple has really outdone themselves on their latest release. You, together with the whole of the trendy humanity, should see if the video ipod would become a big hit. Looks like it will, doesn’t it?

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