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Jazz Up Your Player With iPod Accessories

Jazz Up Your Player With iPod Accessories

The ipod is the ultimate symbol of the digital age and if you haven’t heard about it, then you’ve been in cave for a very long time. The iPod is today’s coolest gadget. Having one elevates you to the status of the ipod people – audiophiles in love with their ipods. And what self-respecting ipod person would you be if you didn’t dress up your ipod with ipod accessories? Luckily there are hundreds of companies who offerthe best and amazing hardware and software ipod accessories to compliment and personalize your “baby.”

Let’s start with the basics of ipod accessories: ipod skins. The first, second and third generation ipods often has to content itself with the ipod accessories of cases in leather, rubber, aluminum or fabric to protect the ipod from scratches, dust and moisture. Depending on your needs, there are covers that allow you to carry your ipod in all your activity. From water-resistant cases to sweat proof sleeves, these ipod accessories define the meaning of portable.

The skins can also serve a fashionable function. has a vast array of ipod skins, from your loud colors to your favorite anime characters, anything you can think of is possible. You can even satisfy the abstract lover in you with graphic designs printed on your ipod skin. Just make sure that the ipod accessories you get have a guarantee, in case of an inferior product.

The next basic ipod accessories you need are the headphones or earphones. Although the ipod box set comes with earphones, there are but a few who prefer an all-surround sound experience. Other ipod accessories for headphones include the retractable headphones, which is great to use on the outdoors. And then there are the ipod accessories of headphones with speakers, the infrared wireless earphones and water resistant earphones for those times when you can’t even take a bath without listening to your ipod.

Aside from this basic earpiece, external speakers and the carry case ipod accessories are quite popular. The iBoom iPod player has a dock for your ipod player with speakers on the side. It fits perfectly for those picnics and beach outings where music is a must to liven up the party. Another brand called the iBag ipod player with FM stereo tote carrying bag adds more fun since you have the option to surf through local radio stations for more hopping beats.

More ipod accessories are available to the ipod junkie via the Internet. A lot of websites do product reviews of these ipod accessories and you can get a preview of the items you want to buy through them. Among these sites are, and They have a wide range of ipod accessories for all the generations of iPods. They not only give you the price, features and product compatibility details but they also give you the pros and cons of each ipod accessory.

Other ipod accessories that is a must have for any iPod warrior is the Belkin Voice Recorder that lets you record reminders, meeting and notes into your iPod. Then there’s the hands free accessory called the iPod remote and earphones. You don’t have to worry about fumbling over the iPod controls as you drive or make that last 2-mile run. A stationary version of this remote is available. Called the NaviPod IR Remote, it allows you to control your iPod’s audio from across a room. Another one of the essential ipod accessories is the iPod Dock that charges iPod at work or at home.

For the car lovers, ipod accessories have been created to accommodate your music players. First of these is the Belkin TuneDok Car Holder that hold your iPod in place. Another one of these nifty ipod accessories is the Sony Car Cassette Adapter that connects your iPod to the car stereo. And not to forget is another one of those wonderful ipod accessories, the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter. Your ipod can now play your music through the FM radio of your car. All it needs is the iPod dock connector to work. It draws a small amount of power from your iPod and doesn’t need any batteries.

You can really personalize your iPod in more ways than one. These ipod accessories not only enhance your iPod but it is also the number one status symbol for any true iPod lover.

The iPod Junkie’s Dilemma

The iPod Junkie’s Dilemma

Modern society keeps creating new and better ways of fulfilling a need. Living in the digital age has never been more exciting and for anyone who can afford these gadgets, life is indeed sweeter. One of the most influential devices ever created is the ipod. These nifty portable audio players created by Apple Computers has redefined our understanding of personal freedom and customization. For anyone who loves music and multimedia, ipod is the best media player out there in the market.

Before the ipod, MP3 players were the best portable players around. Primarily a flash drive, these devices had limited features. The screen size was small and only text is allowed. The colored screen was optional and the memory size only went up to 1 GB. But with the introduction of the ipod and its succeeding generations, music lovers were transported to another realm. A world where they can only listen to all the songs that they want to hear. Once they put on their ipod, they have total control over what tunes should fill their heads. Call it listening to their daily-personalized soundtrack.

Is all this ipod play list personalization good for its users? Apparently some detractors don’t think so. They argue that too much personalization limits the listener to the new genres of music. Constantly listening to Eminem or Christina Aguilera on your ipod can deny you the pleasure of discovering new artists like Ne-yo or new music styles like trip hop. Ipod users become islands of their own, trapped in a floating music bubble of their own making.

Not only that, frequent users have become oblivious to their surroundings making discovery of new sounds very difficult. It can be of grave concern especially for those emergency cases when one is not able to hear a call for help because the other person is too distracted by their ipod. Such cases may seem extreme but turn to Hollywood movies and you’ll see how prevalent such instances are.

Ipod fans say otherwise. They say they can be as entertaining as the FM radio that has more content and users are exposed to more styles and artists on a regular basis. Plus there are some trivia and entertainment news that you cannot get from this device without buying accessories. Because of this, a new trend was born through the ipod called podcasting. Podcasting is a radio-style program that can be shared to other people through the Internet and played back in their ipod. You can create your own program and broadcast it to the World Wide Web.

Ipod users and fans have come up with ingenious ways of making their toy into more than just a digital audio player. Some have opened up it up and tinkered with its hardware and software. The result? An ipod that has an organizer function that stores addresses and calendar events in its memory. While it does need some getting used to, fans are thrilled at the devices’ limitless possibilities. Apple Computers then gave us the fourth generation of ipod more commonly known as the ipod photo.

This generation boasts of a colored display and photo transfer capabilities. As the company realized the need for something more innovative, the fifth generation was released. This ipod series is currently the hottest model because of the video function. Ipod video can play MPEG-4 and H.264 video with resolutions of up to 480 x 480 and 320 x 240. Its potential as a marketing and advertising tool is so huge that even Apple is overwhelmed with the idea. One possible product for this is the selling of video formats like music video clips and television show reruns.

The personalization of ipod is not a big issue among its many patrons. It is this quality that makes the device so appealing to them. Our age today holds value to the importance of self-expression. Ipod can deliver that self-expression through personalized covers, skins, accessories and a host of other complimentary software. It becomes an extension of one’s taste in music and other multimedia formats. The only real dilemma for any ipod junkie nowadays is getting the money to buy all those accessories.

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All About the Apple iPod

All About the Apple iPod

The Apple iPod has been on the music scene for sometime. Users of the Apple iPod have posted many reviews through the years. iPod reviews, iPod hackings, as well as free iPod videos are posted all over the Internet.

iPod users have the following to say about the Apple iPod:

1. The Apple iPod has a hard drive that can hold more than 5,000 songs. The number of songs that can be stored in an Apple iPod is enough that users can expect to listen to a non-stop music experience using the Apple iPod. This hard drive has a forty gigabytes of space available for the 5,000 songs. The free iPod videos are also included.

2. The Apple iPod was manufactured in such a way that the control buttons are incorporated in a sleek design that ergonomically provides ease of movement to the user. The ergonomic design is called the Click Wheel.

Using the Click Wheel, Apple iPod users can now easily browse through their favorite free iPod videos. The Apple iPod users can either fast forward, play, pause or stop, and control the reverse. An added plus is the access of the menu via the Click Wheel.

3. The Apple iPod have enough battery life that coudl make it possible for non-stop playing of songs or free iPod videos. Apple iPod users are capable of the set up of a playlist of songs or free iPod videos on the Apple iPod.

4. With the shuffle function of the Apple iPod, users can choose randomly the free iPod videos they want to watch and the MP3 songs that they want to hear.

5. The Apple iPod is not only an excellent audio player but also an excellent player for the free iPod videos. The system menu of the Apple iPod is super intuitive. The sound quality is world class, The storage size is sufficient to store not only MP3 songs but free iPod videos. Lastly, the Apple iPod has an assortment of accessories available for use.

6. The Apple iPod was said to have a poor post sales service. One user of the Apple iPod claimed that he was just watching free iPod videos when the LCD screen suddenly went broke.

The service representative of the Apple iPod, however, claimed that the service warranty of the Apple iPod does not include abuse. In this case, it was decided that it was abuse and the Apple iPod was now beyond warranty.

7. The Apple iPod also has a clear lineage of the warranty. Several users of the Apple iPod claimed to experience weird things on their iPods after the termination date of the warranty.

Below are some of the faulty events that user of Apple iPods experiences:

a. The Apple iPod is claimed to be skip-free in playing free iPod videos, but after the warranty period, it started skipping free iPod videos.

b. The Apple iPod is claimed to have a long life battery, but after the warranty period, the battery was constantly experiencing shortage in power especially in playing free iPod videos.

c. The Apple iPod is claimed to have a robust hard drive, but after the warranty period, the hard drive of the Apple iPod usually fails.

8. The Apple iPod was also reported at one time or another as having a software bug or design flaw. Music tracks or free iPod videos being played are meant to be skip-free and to flow continuously from one track or video to the next. The Apple iPod, according to some users stalls for even a single moment between tracks.

9. The Apple iPod is said to be the best in MP3 audio playing. Users, however, pray that Apple would try to improve the video playing capability of the iPod such that playing free iPod videos would not be a hassle. Making the video player more perfect would definitely boost the sales of the Apple iPod.

10. The Apple iPod is also said to be susceptible to static. Some users reported that the Apple iPod could easily affected by static when put inside a coat pocket. Static caused the Apple iPod to switch off suddenly at times. This has an effect to the overall circuitry.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Marvels of iPod Video

The Marvels of iPod Video

You might see people walking around, whipping out their big ipods. These ipods might look like the other ipods that we often see, but they are otherwise. They are one of Apple’s latest releases. You are now given a notion that ipod does not just play music and MP3, but also plays videos. Like aforementioned, it might look like a common ipod, but it actually costs more, and has a different name, of course. It is the video ipod.

The video ipod does not have much thickness, unlike the other ipods that you probably have seen. They are also not of the same size with those other ipods that display photos. You might find this fact a disadvantage, but surely, you will find the next feature to be highly advantageous.

Video ipods do not just play videos, but these play videos with extreme clarity. Plus, it has no delays. The numbers of pixels that are present on the images a video ipod produces are fluctuating; therefore, it is very hard to determine its exact number.

But whichever, the videos a video ipod play go very easy on your eyes. They do not give you bloodshot eyes nor do they give you visions of floating dots wherever you look.

It is not difficult to play videos via your video ipod. It is definitely a no-brainer. With just one click, videos stream through your video ipod, and are played for you pronto. You do not have to allot time lengths to the videos that you want to save on your ipod for video ipods do not require time limits, upon watching videos.

As long as your memory works so you can put to memory what you’re watching, then you can watch any video you like, without exception. By without exception, just think television. You can watch about anything on your television sets, from music videos to films. It is like you own Mtv, for you have the power to choose which videos to play and which are deleted from the track list.

If you want to have low-caliber dreams, then you can at least feel the feeling of having your own mini-Mtv on the palm of your hands. You can also play your own home videos, the way your video player at home does. Only, it is a video player that fits quite snugly in your pocket. These are few, but not the only ones, reasons why the video ipod is simply amazing.

Everything is known to be imperfect, so there is no reason why Apple should break the superstition. The video ipod, though seems to be perfect, is imperfect after all. Its weight is not as convenient as those of ipod minis or nanos, or the more with the ipod shuffle, which weigh almost nothing.

Video ipods weigh more since they are much bigger in size. And probably, the materials used for this innovation, weigh a lot too. But this flaw is nothing compared to the joy (and the smug feeling) of showing your friends and officemates your new video ipod, and the videos it contains.

MP3’s can still be played on your video ipods. You might have a quick notion that since the video ipod plays videos big time, then it must have neglected the MP3’s. That is very much not the case.

The video ipod, however, does not have that much of a difference from the other ipods that have been invented and commercialized. The only difference is its big colored screen, which makes it a lot easier for you to view your most wanted videos; and its capability to play videos.

The Click Wheel is also smaller with video ipods, compared to the Click Wheels of the other ipods. This gave way to an even larger screen to support the resolution color display that extends further down the face of the device.

Apple has updated their itunes website, especially the downloading service, because of the release of the video ipod. The staff and crew of Apple put in more music videos and other ordinary videos on the selection of downloadable videos.

So, if you’re looking for a more visually stimulating experience, the video ipod is the thing for you. Apple has really outdone themselves on their latest release. You, together with the whole of the trendy humanity, should see if the video ipod would become a big hit. Looks like it will, doesn’t it?

New iPod Nano and iPod Touch Disassembled

New iPod nano and iPod touch disassembled
Dan Moren

You’ve seen Apple roll out the new iPod nano and new iPod touch. Heck, you’ve heard what we have to say on both the new models. But perhaps you’re wondering what really makes these suckers tick. Fortunately, iFixit is in the business of satisfying your prurient interests in that regard.

As is its habit, the company has posted in-depth slideshows of the newest Apple products in all their disassembled glory. You can see the nano’s new video camera, microphone, and speaker, all the while marveling at the incredible tolerances of engineering that make it possible to fit all that tech in such a small package. The camera itself, for example, is just 3mm thick—as iFixit points out, that’s half the size of the unit used in the iPhone 3G, which is likely why they don’t use the same hardware.

Then there’s the third-generation iPod touch. While it doesn’t look very different from its predecessor on the outside, you can’t judge an iPod from its exterior. As we know, there’s a new, faster processor on the inside, and a wireless chip that supports 802.11n (though the software at this point does not). There’s also an FM receiver and transmitter in the Bluetooth chip, though no antenna to use them. Conspiracy theorists can run wild on the fact that there appears to be room for a camera similar to the nano’s, and the internals even look similar to allegedly leaked photos of the new internals from a few months back which actually had cameras in them.

There you have it: the nano and touch—two innocent iPods—dissected for your amusement. I hope you’re happy.

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Free iPod Video Converter

Free iPod Video Converter: Easy video conversion at no cost

With the video features of iPod, you can now enjoy watching video files in the palm of your hand. Free iPod video converters are frequently downloaded by iPod users to make file conversions easy and fast.

Here are some of the free iPod video converters you can find online.

Free iPod video converter is an easy and completed way to convert all video formats to iPod video. By using free iPod video converter you can automatically enjoy videos in your iPod from different video files like DVD, VCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, ASF, VOB, and DivX.

Its key features include being clean and free without any adware or spyware. Free iPod video converter supports all popular video formats while completely stable and fast. Free iPod video converter's interface is easy to use that helps you set up conversion process easily. The final video that you see in your iPod is also excellent in video and audio quality in using free iPod video converter.

ID3 Tag can be derived from the input files easily while batch processing is supported which can process an unlimited number of files at one time. Other features are detailed hypertext markup language (HTML) is included, and the installing and uninstalling is very easy.

Free iPod video converter also allows you to drag multiple sources files regardless of format from Windows Explorer directly at one time.

You can also download for free a Xilisoft iPod video converter 2.1 which is a powerful software for iPod video conversion. This Xilisoft iPod video converter can also convert all popular video files to iPod video files including:

AVI to iPod

MPEG to iPod

WMV to iPod

MOV to iPod

RM to iPod

RMVB to iPod

ASF to iPod

3GP to iPod

DivX to iPod

Xilisoft iPod video converter 2.1 also converts audio files including WAV, WMA, MP2, AC3, RA, and OGG. Its encoders and decoders are built-in. This iPod video converter offers multi-threading and batch conversion with an adjustable setting such as video size, bit rate, frame rate and others.

This iPod video converter also supports preview which the user can use prior to actual conversion process. You can check on the Internet for the availability of a free downloadable Xilisoft iPod video converter.

Other iPod video converter that are free for download include PQ DVD to iPod video converter with which you can convert DVD to iPod video, DVD to MP4, and gives support to DVD subtitles.

Free Cucusoft iPod video converter suite is an all-in-one solution to iPod MP4 video conversion. It includes Cucusoft iPod video converter and Cucusoft DVD to Ipod converter that help you to convert video and DVDs to iPod MP4 format.

You can also download iPod Media Studio - an iPod video converter that allows iPod users to put DVD directly to your video iPod and enjoy its 2.5" LCD monitor.

The Super DVD to iPod video converter is one of the fastest DVD to iPod video converter software with which you can covert almost all kinds of video formats to iPod MP4 video format.

MovKit iPod Video converter is a handy and powerful iPod video converter that makes easy conversions of all video format to iPod video and audio formats.

WinXMedia AVI/MPEG iPod converter is a powerful iPod video converter converts AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, and YUV), MPEG and WMV files to iPod video and audio formats.

WinAVI MP4/3GP/iPod video converter is a powerful but easy to use MP4 video file conversion utility for iPod and portable video devices that can convert almost all video formats to iPod and Sony Play Station Portable.

Magicbit iPod video converter is also powerful in video and audio conversion for your iPod.

Super Video to iPod converter is a professional video to iPod converter software that supports the latest industry standards.

Lenogo Video to iPod converter is a professional video to iPod converter software that converts all video formats to iPod MP4 format.

A-one iPod Video Convertor automatically converts almost all formats of video files such as DivX, XviD, RM, RMVB, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, MOV, ASX, SVCD, and VCD stream formats into iPod MP4 format.

Other free iPod video converters are Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter and Xilisoft iPod Video Converter.

These video converters are free to download for period of time. If you wish to buy, the prices may vary for the different iPod video converters but its prices usually range from $30 to $40.

New iPod Nano Fulfills Its Mission, Mostly

New iPod Nano Fulfills Its Mission, Mostly
By Stephen Williams

It’s glossy, it’s slick, the video’s for real, the audio speaker’s not.

I took a run up to the Apple store on 14th Street in Manhattan on Thursday, and a young lady showed me the new iPod Nano, a gold colored version with a sassy gloss finish and a nifty camera lens peeking out the rear. It was the only demo Nano in the house, she said, but I could buy all the Nanos I wanted — in any color — for about $150 and up.

After a short hands-on fool-around with it — others were waiting, real customers — I concluded that:

* The video camera’s a delightful feature.
* The speaker inside the Nano — if you can call it a speaker — lacks any fidelity.
* The FM tuner’s a neat addition (although not too effective inside the store).
* The satiny finish is cool.

The larger issue, however, is: why is there no camera in the new iPod Touch model?

It’s curious, since little brother Nano has one, and its seems a no-brainer to install a camera into the Touch, since it could be transplanted directly from the iPhone 3GS, which shares a similar form factor. There were stories last week that some “technical problems” had arisen in the camera option, but it appears that Apple might just be waiting to upgrade the device. Again.

Back to the FM radio, a component that Apple has steadfastly refused to include in its portable music players. As an article in Wired points out, “the answer comes with iTunes-Tagging. In addition to live pausing of the radio stream (and rewinding up to 15 minutes through the buffer) you can tag tracks by hitting the center button. If a radio station supports it, the song info is saved and later you can see a list in iTunes alongside, you guessed it, the option to buy the song.”

Meanwhile, as I reported earlier, it had appeared that Apple has lowered the prices on some “older” iPod models, including dropping the price on the iPod Touch with 32 gigabytes from $399 to $279. However, the latest update to Apple’s online Store page only refers to the new models introduced on Wednesday. A manager at the Apple store in Manhattan told me that all previous iPod incarnations had been boxed and shipped out of the Chelsea location.
Smaller? Thinner? Camera enabled? Rewind capable? This is a cool ipod!
Find out more here.

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Another iPod, Another iPod Case

Another iPod, Another iPod Case
By Charlie Sorrel
Like death and taxes, there is “one more thing” in this world which is absolutely, utterly certain: after a new iPod is announced, my inbox fills with pitches for new iPod cases.

And so, as liquor-spiked coffee follows a delicious dessert, here comes a case. And whose case got pulled out of the hat this time? It’s Scosche’s polycarbonate and rubber kickBACK n5, which wins partially because of its absurd name, and partially because of its absurd design.

Now, with its tiny screen, the correct way to watch video on a Nano is to hold it mere centimeters from your eyes and squint. Should you have a small telescope about your person, you could prop it up on the desk before you for more comfortable viewing, and the kickBACK will let you do just that, for it has a “kick” stand on the BACK (such catchy nomenclature). It also has “integrated traction nubs”, something so wonderfully named that we almost don’t care that they “provide grip on flat surfaces”.

And don’t forget the other, hidden feature: the kickBACK n5 will add several fractions of an inch to the already slightly fatter Nano. Wonderful, and worth the $25 all by itself.
This is cool.
More of the iPod.

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Thank You Internet! Free iPods on the Net

Thank You Internet! Free iPods on the Net

Due to the success of Apple iPods, numerous websites on the Internet have invested on offering free iPods to website visitors with little strings attached.

An example website would be FreeiPods.Com gives away free iPods to website visitors and potential participants who completes an offer. Then they would be required to recruit 5 friends to do the same. Internet websites such as this claims that it is not a scam, though it does require a little bit of work on your part.

If you're extremely gullible, you will easily be enticed to get one o fthe free iPods, although we must admit, this promise of a free iPod from Internet websites such as looks very dubious.

But closer scrutiny would make it appear that the site is legitimate. The scheme does not look every bit like a networking pyramid scheme. It seems like a new type of marketing online. It looks so professional with support from major Internet companies like AOL, eBay and Columbia House.

Also, many happy customers are appearing like mushrooms all over the internet claiming receiving free iPods. All the more that skeptics are analyzing the economics.

How it Works

This is basically how it works:

1. An internet website offering free iPods like would offer either an iPod or a US$ 250 gift certificate to potential contestants that would sign up for several online promotions.

2. It would also be required that they persuade five more people to sign up.

3. The subscribers are then given the option of choosing from 10 different offers, that includes a trial of 45 days of AOL, and a trial of two weeks of the genealogy service of As you can see, these offers are easily cancelled and are free.

4. When the online trials are finally over, for both the main customer and the five referred people, the free iPod is provided.

Several people have written on their blog about the free iPod. At first they were skeptical, but when they tried it out, they eventually had the free iPod. Some also had a nice feedback for the set up since the Internet company did not require any credit card number or any hidden fees.

In fact, some receivers of the free iPods are so convinced that they created Internet websites that are affiliates of the free iPods websites. These websites are called "conga lines," and are supposed to persuade other people that the free iPods schemes are not a scam. Some of the websites, to name a few, are and FreeiPodGuide.

Gratis Internet

People behind the free iPod websites also denied that the site is a a networking scheme. It is not like an advertised networking scheme on eBay that also promises to give away free iPods.

They also revealed that Gratis Internet, maker of receives a huge amount of money for sending potential subscribers to sites like eBay, AOL, or RealNetworks. These internet websites offering free iPods are marketing firms sending potential customers to client websites or advertisers. The scheme is closely related to viral marketing.

The management refused to specify the money involved in the business, and said that they do not directly deal with the major companies involved. Gratis Internet was just commissioned by a third-party marketing agency, such as San Francisco's Adteractive.

For four years, Gratis Internet was in operation of customer-acquisition schemes via these websites:,,, and

More than US$ 3 million worth of free merchandise that includes free iPods and CDs were given away, including five to six million condoms.

Since its launching last June, was successful in dispatching more than 2,500 free iPods. In monetary terms, that is more than US$ 1 million.

During the last few weeks, Internet traffic hits have exploded. About one million Internet visitors have enrolled in the scheme. Though majority of these people are using fake names and addresses, it reflects the interest of the public on the free iPods and other stuffs.

Successful customers that have finished the requirements of the scheme would receive a message of "Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product." This message means that the free iPod is already on backorder. Though, previously, iPods were delayed in shipment, the process would be improved.

Free iPod Music Downloads: Legal and Safe

Free iPod Music Downloads: Legal and Safe

Apple iPod is not only trendy but it also helps make music revolution in the new era. This new technology from Apple Computers has brought a new order of musical pleasure to many people. That is why it has spread widely and its music widely shared around the world. You can have a wide array of choices from the downloadable music in the Internet for your Ipod.

You can choose from millions of songs and download what you want and when you want it. Effortless free iPod music downloads are also available in the Internet of which music can be kept for as long as you want.

There are free iPod music downloads in the Internet where thousands of music tracks are stored for legal sharing. And if you find a song you like, you can download it effortlessly and legally. There are many questions still about the legality of free iPod music downloads.

International and domestic iPod music downloads are bombarded with questions of legality in accordance to the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA. There are still a handful of websites that offer legal free iPod music downloads including:



and iTunes Music Store

Free iPod music download websites above have great blog-style listings of free iPod compatible MP3 songs by record artists and labels, and mainstream and independent artists. Some will give you a free two-week trial period to check on the services provided by these websites that offer free iPod music downloads.

There are specialized websites too that give free iPod music downloads for young listeners. These are clean, professionally designed interface to give free iPod music downloads where you can download free iPod music across all major genres. There are more than hundreds of thousands of songs that are free for iPod music downloads.

If you find it hard to look for the songs you like, you can always go to iTunes Music Store. It is not as cheap as other iPod music download stores but it is completely safe and legal way to get access to one million songs.

Websites that offer free iPod music downloads can also update you to new cool accessories about your iPod and Apple computer that can help you and your gadgets achieve maximum performance. Accessories include car chargers, pocketdock firewire, pocketdock line out firewire, pocketdock combo, pocketdock line out USB, earbuddy and more. Websites that offer free iPod music downloads also feature not only songs but entire albums as well as updates on which songs and artists are becoming popular and hitting the charts.

From these featured free iPod music downloads in the Internet, you can easily locate the songs you want to have on your iPod. You can find the songs you like by browsing through the store's library by finding it by genre. Or you find too many results; you can make it easier by searching by artist, album or song title. For songs that are very popular for the moment, there are lists of songs that are topping charts around the world that will make the search easier.

Free iPod music downloads on different genres of music include alternative, indie and punk, Broadway, children's music, classical, country, dance and DJ, folk, international, jazz, Latin, miscellaneous, new age, Opera, pop, rap and hip-hop, rock, R&B and soul, and soundtracks.

There are many websites that offer free iPod music downloads but some people who have iPods do not know where to begin. The best way to search for these free iPod music downloads is through search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo. Once you have found the websites you are looking for, you can click on them one by one and start by looking for the songs you wish to download for free.

After completing the downloading process of free iPod music, the songs you want are already stored in your computer which you can easily transfer to you iPod. Take note about where you saved the iPod music you downloaded for free for easy access later.

With free iPod music downloads, there is no need for you to break the law and join illegal files sharing communities in the Internet. If you cannot afford to buy new music downloads, you can maximize the use of free iPod music download websites today.

Free iPod Games and the Apple iPod

Free iPod Games and the Apple iPod

Apple iPods were promised to be the greatest breakthrough in the music industry. Somehow, it did not disappoint the fans and more; it has added various capabilities to the iPod that made it famous to people worldwide.

Aside from playing various kinds of music files (which includes MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF), the Apple iPod can play and record video, can store data files, and can download various free iPod games from the Internet.

Free iPod games are available in the Internet. Through the years, the number of Internet hits on these websites offering free iPod games for download, increased suggesting that the popularity of the Apple iPod extend not only to music lovers but for gamers as well.

The iPodArcade Website

The Internet website that offers free iPod games is It was was created in the year 1979 by two brilliant people who realized that a demand for ipod games is imminent and would soon increase as time passes by.

By the year 2005, the two creators of iPodArcade believed that the iPod world is finally ready for the free iPod games. They released their creation and was born.

After more than a year since its creation, Apple iPod users of every age started talking about the latest website catering to Apple iPod lovers. This website specially catered to the younger generation. Kids of any age just can not stop chatting about iPodArcade.Com. reported that peering into any locker available in every high school or college universities in America would make you realize that iPodArcade is a hit. You will hear all the smatterings and murmurs about iPodArcade website and the free iPod games. All the brilliant free iPod games that it offers. But all of these are claims by iPodArcade.

The Real Score

An internet site such as can cater to most need of the iPod gamers. It is a one-stop storage for all popular iPod Games. All of these iPod games are completely free, no hidden charges and are readily available for download.

iPodArcade also offer different types of iPod Games. You can choose from a variety of options that includes strategy, memory games, trivia, and even jokes.

As of March 6, 2006, iPodArcade is beginning their development of redesigning the iPodArcade design. The interface would be cleaned up, features would be added, as well as other improvements.

This website offering free iPod games supports the following iPod products: 3G Apple iPod, 4G Apple iPod, Apple iPod Mini, Apple iPod Nano, and Apple iPod Video.

Previously, iPodArchive discontinued their support to Podzilla, another source for free iPod games. This is because Podzilla is only capable of supporting the first few generations of Apple iPod. Many of the Apple iPod users of today have newer iPods and needs to download the latest free iPod games. iPodArcade discontinued their business arrangement with Podzilla.

Apple iPod users can remove the installed Podzilla from their iPod by using Apple's Firmware Restore Utility. This would reinstall Apple's iPod Operating System. Reinstalling this would remove Podzilla and make the Apple iPod work as if it was newly bought.

However, the stored music on your iPod might be lost so be sure to have a back-up when reinstalling Apple's iPod Operating System.

Currently, note games are also available for download at iPodArcade. This array of note games is only possible for Apple iPods with the Notes feature. These includes the Apple iPod Mini, the Third and Fourth Generation Apple iPod, Apple iPod Photo, and the Apple iPod Video.

The best thing about the iPod Notes feature is that it lets Apple iPod users have a feature to let you create Note Games. Apple even has an iPod Note Reader User Guide in PDF file that will give you information regarding the iPod notes.

This gives power to the Apple iPod user to make a game and entices them to sent it to Apple. Some of the free iPod games available at iPodArcade are created by Apple iPod users out of fun.

Another program that can let you create your own free iPod games is iPodSoft's iStory Creator. Using iStory Creator, no coding experience is needed. Also, you can create any type of note game from quizzes to adventure story games.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yes, Folks! There are Free iPod Downloads on the Internet!

Yes, Folks! There are Free iPod Downloads on the Internet!

Third party manufacturers create skins and covers to dress up iPods of all generations including iPod shuffle and iPod nano. Third party developers do not want to be left behind. They also create software programs for the iPod and offered free iPod downloads in their websites or at the website.

There are lots of free iPod downloads at the website. There are lots to download for to achieve that maximum iPod experience.

Below are the top 5 free iPod downloads that we've seen, so far. They come as a freeware, shareware, or a demo. Demo free iPod downloads are offered to the public for test use. iPod users who downloaded the demo software are encouraged to send comments about the software, bugs or glitches that they encountered, if there is any, and promote the demo free iPod download to their iPod user friends.

* Free iPod downloads #1 - Video Converter for iPod (like iSquint)

iSquint is one of the many free iPod downloads that third party developers offer for the public. This free iPod download is an Apple iPod video conversion application for Mac OS X.

This free iPod download is faster than QuickTime Pro and works with almost all video formats.

It is so easy to use.

Just drag in or copy-paste your file. And then, click Start.

You can set your quality and choose between these two sizes: “TV” or “iPod.”

A 20 minute video takes up 50-150MB of disk space.

If you shot an amateur video that you wish to play in your iPod you can use iSquint, one of the free iPod downloads at, and format your amateur video for iPod and then share the video with your friends.

* Free iPod downloads #2 - Podcast and Music Mixer (like Podcast Mixer)

If you want to create a Podcast that contains music in between, look for Podcast and Music Mixer free iPod downloads.

This is one of the best free iPod downloads. With this free iPod download, you can compile individual playlists from the playlist in your iTunes and podcasts. You can listen to a song with a podcast or podcasts of your choice interspersed in between the individual songs or tracks.

So if you want to be a DJ Podcaster, this free iPod download is for you. Download it for free at the Apple free iPod downloads center or at the Podcast Mixer official free iPod downloads site. Since this is a freeware, you can share this magnificent free iPod download with your friends.

* Free iPod downloads #3 - Get Healthy With iPod Workout (like iWorkout)

The number 3 in our list of best free iPod downloads.

The only realistic way to lose unwanted fats and pounds of weight and look great is to exercise. With iPod workout free iPod downloads, you can start exercising and enjoy it too.

At, there is a free iPod download. Named iWorkout, this is one of the best free iPod downloads. This free iPod download has 42 different workout routines created by an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. This free iPod download contains workout routines in illustrations that can be viewed in new iPods. the workouts in this free iPod download can be spoken to you like a podcast on your your iPod.

This free iPod download, unlike some free iPod downloads, is easy and simple to install on any models of iPod. iWorkout is a shareware and can be downloaded for free for evaluation at free iPod downloads section. This free iPod download is the exercise companion for you.

iWorkout free iPod download has some restrictions. The full version includes the following features:

- Full body workouts
- Abs workouts
- Circuit training
- Workout machines
- Cardio workouts
- Upper body workouts
- Lower body workouts

You can download these free iPod downloads at the official website of Apple at or at the official website of the third party software developer.

At the website, you can view lots of free iPod downloads as well as shareware or for a limited time free use of iPod software.

Aside from the above-listed free iPod downloads, there are also many free iPod downloads of your favorite movie or book character as screensaver or icons.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Pleasures Of Getting A Free iPod

The Pleasures Of Getting A Free iPod

We all know that an ipod is expensive. The new releases of APPLE ipods are really unaffordable for normal people. But if you are only after listening to songs and don’t really care about videos, playlists, etc, I suggest that you buy the ipod shuffle instead.

It is the cheapest ipod out in the market today but it already cost thousands of pesos. It is already expensive considering people without big paychecks. So if it is expensive, why would you want to have it anyway if you can’t afford it? It is not even a necessity anyway. We don’t exactly need it to live and you are not obliged to buy one.

But having an ipod would be a big benefit because it brings you wireless entertainment. Plus considering its uncanny portability, it is really a must have gadget. It can play hundreds of songs even though it is just a small box. The ipod is simply an amazing and entertaining device. Imagine a gadget that has the capability to play songs, organize playlists, and show videos.

But let us go back to reality here, the reality I was mentioning earlier. These devices are definitely not cheap and it will be hard to buy one. You will really have to save for it. You might even have to cut short on other stuff and limit your meals. These high prices deprive of people of their passion to listen to music.

But what would you feel if someone would give you a free ipod? Now, you do not have to spend your own money and savings, instead it would be given to you for free. That would be wonderful, won’t it? But the question there is, where in the world will you get a free ipod?

Nowadays, many people use this free ipod as a gimmick. They could attract many people for the promise of a free ipod. Most of the promos include a free ipod as one of their prizes. If you would only join, you would have the chance of winning a new and free ipod. I guess that they are including a free ipod as one of their prizes to invite more people to join the promo because almost every people want an ipod inside their pockets.

If you would be one the winners of the free ipod, you will definitely be excited about it. If you think about it, a device worth thousands will be yours for free, it is like a gift from heaven.

A promise of a free ipod can also be use for advertising. You can advertise a certain event of maybe a product given that if they but, they might win a free ipod. Many would be buying your product or will be going to your event.

Another example is, if you a restaurant and the number of customers are low, try on giving a free ipod a prize in a raffle and that they can acquire the raffle tickets only if they ate at your place. Next thing you know, there will be a sudden increasing in the number of your customers. The results may be shocking.

You would be surprise see that many people would be eating at your place because they want to have a chance on winning that free ipod. A free ipod brings wonders to your life. Now, it is no longer just a device for entertainment but for business as well.

But why and how does a free ipod do this? As we all no, gadgets is the in thing today and the ipod is one of the front runners in that category. Although we hate to admit it, it is human nature to want what is in. Even if people can’t afford it, they really still crave for it. That is why a free ipod is so attractive and catchy for those people who want it but don’t have the money to purchase it.

But is it all about being in? In my opinion, a free ipod is attractive because it will bring you entertainment with comfort because it is portable and is easy to use. You can listen to music and watch videos with one click. This is like the extreme gadget for music lovers. And music doesn’t only include those of the rich, it goes all the way down to the middle class and the poor.

And for their love of music, a free ipod is all that’s left for them to have this magnificent device and enjoy music.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Advent of DVD to iPod Technology

Why DVD?

DVD is the latest craze in technology breakthroughs. Since the advent of the timetable discs in the 50's, technology has reached new heights almost every decade with the release of the Betamax tapes, VHS tapes, audio cds, laser discs, video cds, mini discs and all sorts of data storing accessories. The DVD is the latest of these data-storing acessories. Carrying Dolby Stereo sound and high end picture image, viewers and listeners can be assured of the best quality possible in movies and music records.

The Features of Apple iPod

The Apple iPod has always been a stand out not only in design but also in its features. Below are some of the features people love most about the Apple iPod:

1. The Apple ipod users can store and record about five thousand songs.

2. The Apple ipod users can store data on a forty gigabytes of harddrive space. The storage of the five thousand songs is not the end of it.

3. The Apple ipod users can easily manuever their way with the iPod controls because of the Click Wheel.

4. The Apple iPod users can expect to have a longer period of music and videos because of the long battery life of the Apple iPod. The battery life of an Apple iPod usually last about 12 hours.

5. The Apple ipod users can expect a more easier tuning to music due to the ability of the iPod for an easy set up of a music playlist.

6. The Apple iPod users can also expect to be happy with the shufle function providing them with random feel to the playlist.

With these basic features, the iPod have increased its sales and is now number one among the MP3 playin devices. Apple, however did not stop there, they started introducing more accessories, more add-ons that eventually gave the Apple iPod an edge over other multimedia players. A feature, however, that was missed by iPod is the DVD to iPod software.

The iPod Media Studio 2.0

iPod Hacks

For sometime, Apple techies and fanatics have introduced many modifications to the Apple iPod. These modifications aims to help the Apple iPod user to personalize their iPods. Apple iPods has been modified by techies by using iPod hacks. Techies are bent on giving more power to the user in terms of customization and personalization of their Apple iPod.

What are iPod hacks?

iPod hacks are either softwares or hardwares that improves the appearance, capabilities or features of an Apple iPod. Summing it up, iPod Hacks is anything that provides modifications to the Apple iPod. One such avaialable iPod hack is a software that provides DVD to iPod capability to the usual Apple iPod. Various firmwares on the Internet offer free softwares of DVD to iPod technology.

DVD to iPod Software

DVD to iPod, this is the feature that everyone wishes to have, but unfortunately, the Apple iPod did not provide. The iPOdMedia provides DVD to iPod capabilities to the Apple iPod. It is the fastest software available for DVD to Ipod transfers or to move DVD's directly into your video Apple iPod. By using this DVD to iPod software, you can enjoy watching DVD movies on the beautiful 2.5 inches LCD monitor of the Apple iPod. It is currently 400 percent faster than any other DVD to iPod products on the market.

Imagine this, anyone can convert any movie from DVD (DVD to iPod), and not only that; any recorded material from the television, or even movies that you recorded from home using a DV-camcorder, even a movie record from a digital still camera is possible for conversion.

With 2 mouse clicks using the DVD to iPod software, convert the movies into a file that is optimized for playback. It must be optimized with the Apple iPod's built-in video player.

Anyone can now enjoy movies with a surprisingly sharp and clear picture with additional quality stereo CD sound. Also, new Cyberspeed technology will allow a user of up to 400 percent faster conversion from DVD to iPod. In fact, in a span of less than 45 minutes, a user can put a complete DVD movie on the iPod.

The DVD to iPod technology is the ideal solution for all frequent travellers or just to manage the kids while driving the car.

Apple iPod users can store up to 100 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 60 Gb model) or 50 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 30 Gb model). Any video of either feature films or TV and movie content.

Do not worry if the DVD is sourced from abroad, all subtitles, foreign languages, and even the quality of Dolby surround sound are supported. Users have no need for the Quicktime Pro. The DVD to iPod software would run on any PC with Windows NT, XP or Windows 2000 Operating System.

This DVD to iPod software can also automatically zoom or widescreen movies with the ratio 16:9 to be able to fit on the 4:3 iPod screen. The user can even have a manual option to turn this feature off.

The iPodMedia Studio is about US$ 32.95 and has a lifetime support.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Textbooks Coming to iPhones, iPods

Report: Textbooks coming to iPhones, iPods
The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area

CourseSmart LLC is reportedly going to offer more than 7,000 e-textbooks through Apple Inc.'s iPhones and iPod Touches.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the company will let students add digital notes to their texts and search for specific words and phrases.

Digital textbooks are offered by CourseSmart for about half what it costs to buy the physical books, but they can't be resold at the end of the rental period.

The company is a joint venture of six publishers, including McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson PLC's Pearson Education.

The books being offered on Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices aren't available at this time on Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Kindle.

This is going to be great especially for travelers.
More of the ipod, iphone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Things You Get Out of Cheap iPods

People today are wireless. Everything is on the go. The young generation, according to the older people, cannot live or stay by themselves for a long period of time. That is quite true, you can see that almost everybody has a pair of earphones, and are listening to, either the oldies music or the latest tracks, or watching videos on their portable gadgets. We can say that today’s generation is dependent on the new technology.

The most popular wireless device on the market today is the APPLE’s ipod. It is popular because it is very small, which makes it very easy to bring, plus you no longer have to bring a cd, otherwise known as compact disc, or a cassette tape to play on it. But with this convenience comes also a flaw. It is quite expensive (make that oftenly impractically expensive). Yes, it is and that is why not all people can enjoy such luxury because of its high price.

As you must know, life is rough and every cent counts. So these gadgets are no’t the first priority for a lot of people, approximately half of the globe’s population. If you are rich and your money does not have much to go on, this want is not a problem for you. But if you are on the harder side of life, then you have to depend on prayers to avail of a gadget like the said ipod.

So if you want to have an ipod but your low on budget, there, on the market exists cheap ipods. These cheap ipods are not necessarily copies or imitations, or worse, fakes. Its just that these cheap ipods were probably built with cheaper materials and are may also not be so super in its special features. The cheapest model is the 512 megabyte iPod shuffle. This device can hold up to a whopping 120 songs. You can spend a day without taking your earphones off your ears with this one. This is about $70 or 3570 pesos.

That is the cheapest ipod that you can buy. The price actually differs on the memory of the ipod. Though they are all the same, they are all ipods, the memory they contain are different with one another’s. Some have bigger memories that allow them to save more songs, while others have a smaller memory that opposes the function of the bigger memory. The bigger the memory, the more expensive it is going to be. So if you just want to have a device which is portable and can play music, the cheap ipod is going to be the device for you.

Hey, 120 songs is a lot for this small ipod. Considering the comfort, convenience and enjoyment it will bring you. The price is really cheap. Instead of spending too much on a music player, an ipod, you can just spend your left money on things that are more helpful for your being. So it is recommended that you avail of the cheaper models of ipod.

Next on the line of cheap ipods is, the ipod shuffle. It is not as big as the other ipods that have been invented but they still play good music, so there is not much of a difference. Ipod shuffles are designated under the category of cheap ipods, though you should be mindful that it only has a memory span of 1GB.

It is not much, but it can still allow you to save a big number of your favorite hits. Since it has a bigger memory, also compared to those others, it is much more expensive than the other one. This cheap ipod can play up to 240 songs, double of that of the cheapest ipod. This mars the saying that goes “Entertainment is a price to pay”.

You do not have to pay so much, so high an expense, just to be entertained. The ipod shuffle does that for you, entertains you, yet it does not cost so largely. This product is about 100 dollars or 5000 pesos. Again, you’ll have more song selections but the physical appearance of your ipod is the same. That’s about the cheapest ipods you can buy on the market.

With these cheap ipods, you not only save money, but you get to own one of the latest technological trends in this generation. So grab one of those cheap ipods now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cheap iPod, Anyone?

Having an iPod these days is not a status symbol anymore. For those like me who works for the web and designs graphics with high MB file size, iPod nano, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle is an investment. With iPods's 6 to 60 GB capacity, it is a dream of every techie. You can save all of your important files in a small, sleek and very elegant iPod.

But of course, a $300 to $400 ++ iPod nano or iPod video costs too much for some of us. If you want to have a cheap iPod and wouldn't want to settle for anything less (and go for the cheap flash audio players around), then you may need to read my suggestions below to be able to have that cheap iPod that your money can buy (and your conscience to allow).


No one would notice that your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle was bought from a cheap iPod refurbished e-store. In fact if you buy a new iPod, it will look the same like the refurbished cheap iPod after a few months of use. No one would try to look for your receipt just to know you bought your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle from an Apple store and not from a cheap iPod store, or would they?

Also, if you bought a new iPod from an Apple iPod store and then the time came that you needed an iPod battery replacement, you will need to pay Apple iPod store 59 bucks for a refurbished iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle, only this time, with a fresh iPod battery.

cheap iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle costs for about $190 to $250 from the cheap iPod or refurbished iPod e-stores.


Try your luck at Ebay and you might get a cheap iPod that costs only $250 for a brand new line.

Many people bid their equipment at Ebay because they need the money far better than the equipment immediately and badly. So most of the times, Ebay sellers sell cheap iPod and part ways with their sleek and sexy iPod because if the immediate need for large sums of money.

You can bid for cheap iPods at Ebay simple by searching "cheap iPods" or sale iPods. There is a chance that you might get a cheap iPod for a brand new iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle.

Take your chance at Ebay, you may never know, you might get that cheap iPod that you want for as cheap as 100 bucks!


All of us have friends who can afford to buy a brand new iPod without the need to starve for a few months of saving or can buy a Porsche car and still remain mortgage free. If you don't have this kind of friends, your friends maybe have this kind of friends.

Apple iPod regularly changes their models; regularly as in every 6 months since the last two years. iPod fanatics do not want to be caught tinkering on their old and already cheap iPod, they want to have the latest model in the market.

These kind of people, your friends or your friends friends, will gladly sell their 3 month old Apple iPod for a cheaper price.

Cheap iPod doesn't always come in a persons way that easily, so grab the chance when someone offers you a cheap iPod for sale!


There are some exchange centers on the net or on local newspapers that offer cheap iPod, brand new and refurbished, in exchange of any items of, more or less, equivalent amount. If you have some items that are still of superb condition and might interest those people who are selling cheap iPods, offer your equipment or items in exchange of the cheap iPod.

If you think you don't need your 3G celfone, you can have it exchanged to a person offering brand new but cheap iPod. Or if you have two items that you think with their selling amounts combined could match that of the cheap iPod, then you can part with those items.

Remember to test first the cheap iPod before you make the exchange.

Apple iPods on Parade

At the time when everything is going digital and the technological world had been bombarded with digital this and digital that -- digital camera, digital camcorder, handhelds, digital celfone, laptops -- Apple Computers saw nothing much digital in audio technology, except maybe for the compact disc players. In 2000, Apple had decided to tap this unchartered market, with Jon Rubenstein as the Chief Engineer of the iPod project. A year after, released the first generation of Apple iPods.


Currently, Apply iPods come in three iPod names. Technical specifications of these Apple Ipods differ either in storage capacities or in exterior design, weight, and size. As of February 7, 2006, the Apple iPods are classified into the following:

- iPod (Original) (Capacity: 30 GB and 60 GB)
- iPod Nano (Capacity: 1GB, 2GB, and 4 GB)
- iPod Shuffle (Capacity: 512 MB and 1GB)

Two years ago, in 2004, Apple released Ipod Mini (4 GB and 6 GB in various pastel colors). iPod Mini's marketing was discontinued in September 2005 and was replaced by iPod Nano, which was 62% thinner and has a color screen.

Since Apple iPod's release in 2001, Apple has sold 42 million units. Which is why Apple iPods has been constantly re-engineered to cater the growing demands for faster, sleeker, and feature-packed Apple iPods.

Apple iPods have evolved from monochrome (black and white) screen, the first generation, to its color screen with video player, the fifth generation of Apple iPods.


1. Apple iPods (Original)
1.1. First Generation of Apple iPods

Criticized for being costly for an initial release, the $399 First Generation Apple iPods were, nonetheless, instant hit. Apple iPods, after the October 29, 2001 release, dominated the digital audio player market, quickly overtaking sales of MP3 players (such as JukeBox and the NOMAD).

The first generation of Apple iPods was designed with a mechanical scroll wheel that was divided in four buttons that worked as Menu, Play or Pause, Back, and Forward. Apple iPods' scroll wheel has become a prominent design and feature of Apple iPods.

1.2 Second Generation of Apple iPods

This was the first generation of an iPod that was compatible with Microsoft Windows OS. Although it also had the prominent scroll wheel feature, the mechanical wheel of first generation was replaced by a touch-sensitive wheel, now know as teh "touch wheel."

1.3 Third Generation of Apple iPods

The "ultrathin" Apple iPods were shown to the public on April 28, 2003. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced these slightly smaller, and with beveled edges iPod series to the public as the third generation line of Apple iPods.

Aside from being ultrathin, this was the first set of Apple iPods that had a built-in Hi-Speen USB connectivity.

1.4 Fourth Generation of Apple iPods

If third generation Apple iPods were called ultrathin, I don't know what to call the fourth generation of Apple iPods which are slimmer than the ultrathin line. The sleek and trendy design had skyrocketed Apple's sales, and made the name iPod synonymous with digital audio player.

This generation of iPod was introduced with the monochrome screen; but after a few months, only, it was marketed with a color screen and thus named: iPod photos.

1.5 Fifth Generation of Apple iPods

Apple launched in October 12, 2005 the fifth generation and was quickly known to the public as video iPod or iPod video, although Apple refer to it as the Fifth Generation iPod

2. iPod Nano

2.1. iPod Mini

Digital player manufacturers such as Creative and Digital Networks released digital audio players smaller than that of iPods sometime in 2003. Their Zen Micro and Rico Carbon products were starting to attract a number of supporters and this had prompted Apple to create their own line of small iPods; thus, the birth of iPod Mini. The 4 to 6 GB storage of iPod mini was made possible by using Microdrive hard drives.

2.2. iPod Nano

On September 7, 2005 Apple announced that marketing of iPod minis would be discontinued to be replaced by a thinner and color screen iPod, which Apple named as "iPod Nano."

3. iPod Shuffle

Apple iPods were known for using Microdrive hard drives. Although most of iPod's competitors were already using flash memory for their digital audio player, Apple didn't jumped the flash bandwagon immediately. Apple waited until 2005 to release an iPod using flash memory instead of Microdrive, and named it "iPod Shuffle."

Keeping up with the taglines, "Give chance a chance" and "Life is a random," iPod shuffle plays music in random order although users can still play songs in order that has been set in iTunes.

iPod Shuffle has no screen. Its size is as small as a pack of chewing gum, and weighs less than an ounce.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Apple Ipod and the Nano

What do people love about an Apple ipod? These are the cold hard facts people say they love about Apple ipod:

1. The original ipod can hold about five thousand songs.
2. The original ipod can give the user up to forty gigabytes of harddrive space.
3. The original ipod comes with an easy to use wheel.
4. The original ipod also has a battery with a life that lasts up to about 12 hours.
5. The original ipod can also provide you with the ability to set-up a play list.
6. And last but not the least, the original ipod has a shuffle function.

Even with a minimum layout of the features of ipod, users have agreed that the original ipod gives one an exhilarating experience of music.

With basic ergonomics, the Apple ipod has captured the heart of millions of music lovers all over the world.

The Apple Ipod Nano

With the list of facts regarding the original ipod enumerated above, the characteristics of the new Apple ipod nano would reveal a measure of smaller comparison:

1. The Apple ipod nano can hold about one thousand 1,000 songs. That is with the 4 gigabytes version, the one with the full color album art.

2. Another version of the Apple ipod nano can hold about five hundred songs in a smaller four megabytes of space.

3. The Apple ipod nano has a medium sized Click Wheel and a full color screen. With the click Wheel, you can fast forward, rewind, pause, play or access the menus. The full color screen is about 1.5 inches of display.

4. The Apple ipod nano has a battery life that would last to about fourteen hours. Fourteen hours is about a day without charging.

5. The Apple ipod nano also has a shuffle function like the original ipod.

6. The Apple ipod nano is available to make use of the armband accessory. All that is needed is a USB external cord that would also charge the Apple ipod nano.

7. The Apple ipod nano has a skin that acts as a sort of protection for the ipod.

8. The Apple ipod nano also has the iTrip. The iTrip lets you play the music you want via any radio. This accessory is very much in demand when buying an Appled ipod nano.

9. The Apple ipod nano has about the following statistical measurement: 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches and about 1.5 ounces in weight.

10. The Apple ipod nano also boasts of a perfectly skip-free playback and works well on either a Mac OS X or a Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

11. The Apple ipod nano, just like any other Apple ipod can play music, podcasts and audiobooks.

12. The Apple ipod nano can also hold up to about twenty five thousand photos.

13. The Apple ipod nano can also be used to synchronize contacts and calendars and to do lists.

As you can observe from the available features, what you love about the original ipod, take all of it and try to shrink it a bit and you got the Apple ipod nano. Not yet a believer? Put on the headphones and try to volume up the music. Everything now becomes clear -- it is an ipod.

This pencil thin ipod packs into your ears the entire original ipod experience. What makes it unbelievable is despite its small frame, it can still hold a 3 days worth of music and can play for 14 hours straight.

Accessories of the Apple iPod nano includes a leather case, an in-ear Lanyard headphone, armbands, dock where the iPod takes its rest, a radio remote, a USB power adaptor, an AV connection kit and Tubes, the iPod skins.

Integration of the ipod Nano in Cars

Users can take the ipod music experience on the road by seamless integration of the ipod and the car. Top automakers like Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, BMW, Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Mercedez Benz and others have designed elegant solutions to both their new and prior year car models.

Top automakers call this strategy as part of their After-Market Solutions. They have available options to the car user of iPod integration products for use. Available options vary from iPod-ready head units to self installation options as wells as professional interface installation. People now can customize their ride with iPod music.

You can also opt to have iPod integration options from car stereo accessory stores and manufacturers available within your area. They can outfit any car to play well with the iPod nano.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Apple iPod Mini

Owners of the original Apple iPod clamors for more from the makers of the iPod music experience.
The latest ipod player available in the market comes in a smaller and leaner frame, and is marketed in a rainbow of colors. This is the Apple iPod mini.

The Apple iPod mini has a platform of MAC or Windows OS. Some original Apple iPod users have already seen the Apple iPod mini with a new four gigabytes harddrive space for a US$ 249 price tag. It is not a secret that an additional of US$ 50 will get you a fifteen gigabytes iPod that would store somewhere around 2,700 more music files. That is a lot more than the Apple ipod mini.

This is because harddrive space is so much important for Apple iPod users, the original Apple iPod have so much space available to the user of about forty gigabytes. This amount of space can store more than five thousand songs. Aside from this, the original Apple iPod also has a longer battery life.

However, criticizers should consider the frame of the Apple iPod mini. It is slender and is more styled, that which made it seem more functional and more attractive to the eyes and has a more ergonomic feel to the fingers. To most people, it would not be the ideal music player, but to the 99,000 or so Apple iPod mini users, they beg to disagree.

The Too Sexy Apple iPod Mini

The Apple iPod mini is compared to a US$ 1,200 purse from Chanel. This is because the US$ 249 Apple iPod mini, with its variety of five colors, brings out class and posh.

It has an anodized body made of aluminum and weighs about 3.6 ounces. It measures about 2 inches in width, 3.6 inches in height, and only about half an inch in thickness. It does not look like it at first glance, but the Apple ipod mini is almost like a featherweight than the original Apple iPod.

It is also silky to the touch and smooth. It also fits wonderfully in your palm. This is the reason for the premium price tag.

The Apple iPod mini also has no external moving parts. You will notice that underneath the smaller 1.67-inch LCD screen lie the light touch-sensitive and highly ergonomic Click Wheel. This Click Wheel is the one which incorporates the Apple iPod mini's other controls. The control's buttons are located on the pad itself. This is much different than the original Apple iPod's four function buttons that is located above the scroll pad.

Anyone who is familiar with the software for the iPod knows about the seamless integration of iPod with iTunes. In no time, you would be cruising with the tunes.

The Apple iPod mini behaves just like exactly as other newer generation Apple iPods. It now even packs a battery life of 8 hours. The original Apple iPods have a longer battery life.

Besides the smaller physical dimensions and the new warm minimalist choices of color, which can be gold, silver, pink, green and blue. A major difference observed between the original Apple iPod and the Apple iPod mini is the harddrive space capacity.

The Apple iPod mini has a tiny Hitachi harddrive that can hold about four gigabytes of music. Music files include AAC, Audible, MP3, WAV and AIFF. This is enough storage for a number of Apple iPod mini users.

Apple iPod users usually prefer to carry an entire library of music any time of the day. Rather than manually selecting and transferring specific songs to the Apple iPod mini. The Apple iPod mini can only hold as much as a fraction of the forty gigabytes music collection.

The Apple iPod mini also has accessories that include the earbuds, a USB 2.0 cable and a FireWire dock connector, an AC adaptor, a belt clip, and the Apple iPod mini software.

The Apple iPod mini could have been more lenient by adding a dock or armband to teh package.

The US$ 29 armband is a great help for joggers who want to listen to good music while jogging and carrying the very lightweight and effectively skip-free Apple iPod mini.


To summarize, the Apple iPod mini has a sleek styling, it is a small size and has an excellent integrated Click wheel. It has a possible disadvantage to the user, though, that is the price per megabyte which is much higher as compared to the original Apple iPod.

Handling the Apple iPod Fame and Lawsuits

With the success of the apple ipod series of Apple Computer, it is no wonder that there will be an apple ipod lawsuit on the table. Apple Corps sued the apple ipod creator, Apple Computer, of a breach in their agreement over the use of their famous trademark. Last March 2006, the hearing for the Apple ipod began before the London court.

Before any of the loyal fans of this iconic device dismiss this Apple ipod case as envy,it is important to look behind the court history of these two companies. The Apple ipod case is the latest court battle of these companies. In the early 80’s, Apple Computer paid Apple Corps $80,000 and promised that they will never enter the music business. 1989 proved to be another hot year between them after Apple Corps took Apple Computer to court again, this time for a music-making program and a microphone.

The latter paid Apple Corps another $26 million and was allowed to sell goods and services for the reproduction, play, running or otherwise delivery of music content. Apple Corps maintained the rights to creative works containing music. Their agreement only prevented Apple Computer in distributing content on media like CDs and tapes. It is vague on the stand pertaining to later inventions like digital music files or even the devices that they run on.

Mainly a trademark dispute, the Apple ipod case has become a much-anticipated issue. Because of the 1991 agreement, Apple Computer says that they are allowed to use the logo on the apple ipod and iTunes because they don’t own the rights to all their music, just the digital technology to handle its distribution. Whatever they have used the trademark on is well within their agreement.

Anthony Grabiner, Apple Computer’s lawyer believes they have a strong defense against Apple Corps. Meanwhile, Apple Corps is seeking damages and demands that the company and apple ipod maker to stop its use of the apple logo on their iTunes Music Store and the in advertising for the site.

Many fans of the Apple Computer products think that the Apple ipod case has some bearing. There are those who suggest that Apple Computer should just completely change its logo to end any lawsuit from being filed against them in the future. visitors see this Apple ipod case as an admission that Apple Computer has indeed violated their agreement with Apple Corps especially when they are judged by the previous settlements that the former offered.

What this Apple ipod case really shows is a warning to all companies. Trademark and copyright lawsuits can be very expensive to settle especially when your company has just picked up business. That is why many companies invest heavily in market research, branding and patents. Make sure that you check the copyright of any of your business processes, logos and symbols before releasing it to the public. Setting everything in order will help your company avoid nasty court battles such as the Apple ipod case.

Eddie Cue, iTunes vice president at Apple Computer, took the witness stand April 3, 2006 to defend his company. Cue testified that the Apple Computer did not violate their 1991 agreement by using the Apple logo on their iTunes Music Store. What they provided was data transmission and not the original rights to the songs.

During the closing in the Apple ipod case, Anthony Grabiner defended Apple Computer’s right to use the logo because they are promoting the iTunes store and not the music itself and as long as they indicate the origin of the software and downloading services, they have not breeched anything.

Apple ipod will still remain as the most popular audio and multimedia player device in the market despite lawsuits filed against them. The apple ipod sales will continue to soar as users and patrons find more and more ways to use their apple ipod in their daily lives. Of course, there will be dissidents. By experience, anyone who can complain will complain so no matter how Apple ipod tries to meet its consumer’s needs, they can’t please everyone.

The ruling for the Apple vs. Apple trademark case is unlikely to be before the Easter break. As to how this all ends for the apple ipod, we will just have to wait and see.

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